The Human body: The perfect machine. Piloted by the stupidest crew and you.

Humans are self programming, self replicating, self healing machines that get better at whatever it is they spend their time doing. There are however two detrimental downsides to this perfect creature: 1) Humans have to carry around their primal baggage in the form of the ego and the reptilian brain – the idiots who are […]

Universal Equilibrium: Captain your Own Ship

Every situation is potentially positive or potentially negative and everything contains the seed of its own destruction. Today, we’re going abstract. I hope by the end of this I’ve broadened your horizons and you’re not freaking out that your favourite Arab is madder than you had previously thought. The following essay is based on my […]

Depression is F***ing S*** Part Two: Good thoughts, Good action Good head

Depression. IS FUCKING SHIT. Let’s fix it. (This is Part two Part one can be found here) How to fix depression There is no ‘instafix’ or magic bullet. Unfortunately you can do everything in your power to fix your life and in will fly some sort of trigger that puts you into a spiral. The […]

Depression is F***ing S*** Part One: SSRIs, Shamans and a taste for the Negative.

Depression. IS FUCKING SHIT. Let’s talk about it. So we’re going to talk about a subject close to my state of being at the moment and that’s depression –this is a long article so I’ve split it in two. You can find the other half here. Now before I begin I’d like to add that I’ve […]

Why am I doing what I’m currently doing?

A useful question that we don’t ask ourselves often enough. This question is possibly one of the most powerful and important questions I have begun to ask myself when I’m not achieving as much as I’d like to be. The steps we take today determine where we are tomorrow. Before anything can be made manifest […]