About The Mad Arab

Hamilton, New Zealand 2014

A fine place to grow a beard

An even finer place to make New Zealand’s best Beard and Skin care products.

My name’s Ayman and I’ve been crafting beard and skin care

products in the Waikato for almost ten years.

Needless, to say:

If you’ve got a beard, I’m your guy.

I’m also an absolute hippie with incredibly sensitive skin…

– and that’s how it all started.

When I started growing – I couldn’t find anything that was all natural and gentle on my sensitive, pussy-ass bearded face.

The requirements were clear, the bar was high.

I had an underutilized degree in biology AND my own lab coat.

In 2014 there were no worthwhile New Zealand made beard products in the market.

So naturally, I start making products myself for myself.

And then my friends wanted some.

And then their friends….

And one friends dad?

10 years later, with thousands of bottles made and sold, a hundred markets and events attended and more hot wax burns than I’d like to own up to.

I’m still in the Waikato selling New Zealand’s most trusted, all natural, small batch, premium beard oil.

If you want the full origin story -click here.








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