Thank you for visiting Mad Arab Industries. With your support we’re hoping we can do great things together.

We’re here to help you be all you can be. By arming you with our arsenal of hand crafted products. We will leave you looking confident, feeling confident and smelling fucking amazing.

Yes, we just used the ‘F word’ – We don’t bow to political correctness. We don’t censor ourselves and we feel that neither should you.*

At Mad Arab, we believe in being: Blunt, proud and unapologetic of ourselves. We believe in delivering a quality product and service – handcrafted with care and passion. As we grow, we promise to shift towards sustainable and eco-friendly packaging wherever we can.  It’s not that we’re hippies; we just know it’s the responsible thing to do.

Like any project in its early days, we’re still a bit rough around the edges. We’re hoping with your help, we can shape this project into a company we can all be proud of. As awesome as we already are, we can be even more awesome. We hope with your help we can be the best but we can’t do that without your feedback!

Is there anything we need to explain better?

  • Do you have any scents that you feel are underrepresented in our arsenal of aromas?
  • Do you have someone in a relevant business that can help us make our vision a reality or vice versa?
  • Do you want to order a 10 year supply in case the zombies come?

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*If you take personal offense to the use of the word ‘fuck’, please accept our deepest apologies for assuming you were an adult. We’re also sorry for assuming you could handle seeing rude words without fainting.  Furthermore: bitch, boobies, bastard, Penis, Nickelback, Justin Bieber