The Promise

At Mad Arab Industries, I craft natural, small batch beard oils, beard balms, shaving soaps, moustache waxes and aftershaves.

Now that I’ve satisfied the SEO robots

I can get into what I’m really about:

I believe the world is severely lacking in Good Men.

Not to say that they don’t exist, but that most men have forgotten or don’t know who they are at their core.

They’ve forgotten the masculine ideals that helped build their half of the world:  

Bravery, Passion, Confidence, Ambition, Wisdom, Tenacity and Creativity.

These ideals all exist for one ultimate reason,

One ‘Super ideal’

To serve and provide to others.

At Mad Arab I promise to provide all Good Men with:

Quality, all natural, New Zealand made beard, moustache and shaving products.

Products that smell delicious and leave their wearers feeling confident and smelling delicious.

Products that render ladies(or dudes if you swing that way) moist and swooning with anticipation.

And products with hilarious flavour text and ecofriendly pretensions because earth is a cool place and I like it here. 

My name is Ayman, A.K.A the Mad Arab. I strive to be a good man

I invite you to join me.

Because Good Men make for a Great World.

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