A mountain of shit to do, you’re the only one that can do it.

This post is long overdue, admittedly I had already written a couple of different things but they were a bit out there and I didn’t know if they’d fit within ‘the sharpening stone’. Another one was just rough and I didn’t feel up to completing it- guess I should have re-read my own article of aiming for completion not perfection.

Such is life.

Procrastination is like a credit card: it’s a lot of fun until you get the bill.
Chris Parker

Every day there’s stuff that needs to be done and almost every day you’ll be given new stuff to do -a phone call to be made, an email to be replied to or something – it can be something small or something huge.

So what do you think happens if you put off your daily tasks?

Simple. They pile up. Until you’ve got this unmanageable mountain before you and you’re paralyzed under its sheer size.

The more you put off your work, the more it piles up and the less inclined you are to do anything about it. This ties well to the notion that you get better at what you do –this includes procrastination and being a useless piece of shit.

Ever had a task that you really didn’t want to do?

That’s probably what you need to do the most. It might not even be a big task -maybe it’s a decision… It might just be something you’re scared of doing or scared of an outcome or it’s just unpleasant – usually it’s what you have to do the most. If that’s the case –try breaking it up or carrying out related tasks that can help shift the snow in the direction you want it to fall because when you put major shit off it can bite you in the ass.

Welcome to my life the past few months. I have a lot of stuff to do; however, due to a huge backlog and crippling depression making progress has been rather difficult.  I’m making excuses for myself here  but I am chipping away at the back log after stagnation and I already feel worlds better –even if it’s stop and start it’s better than not starting at all.

Some progress is better than no progress. A shift in gear towards actually getting things moving again will sometimes be enough to inspire you to turn that mountain back into a manageable mole hill. It’s amazing what it will do for your peace of mind –plus if you can build momentum you’ll be surprised with how much you get done.

So how to get started if life you feel your mountain is huge.

Personally I like to write lists – when I list a  bunch of stuff that needs doing I can then at least pick little tasks that I can just do. So for you, write a list and just do one thing. It can be little – it can be almost nothing but just do one thing that moves you forward. Then if you’re up to it, do another. Instead of thinking about doing it, just do it. Make that call, send that email, whatever – just do it – because even if you do a shit job, it’s still better than not doing it at all. Remember: indecision is still a decision. 
Jeez that was a short one. At least I showed up and I did it –one less thing to worry about for a couple of weeks. Hopefully this has spurred you into action. I’ll get something juicier out next time.

Tell me how you got on.

Much Love

Mad Man

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