Decide or the universe will decide for you.

Firstly, fortnightly seems to be the release time on these bad boys. Hope they’re treating you well. I’ve got Barbercraft this weekend and it’s already ten past midnight but I was dumb enough to toss a coin and ask ‘Should I write a blog post tonight?’

The coin spoke …. fuck.

Also, why am I taking orders from a coin??

Because I couldn’t make the decision on my own.


No, I DIDN’T make the decision on my own and left it up to chance instead of stating what I wanted and pursued it. Now I’m here writing this article instead of sleeping.

Guess that’s what we’re talking about.


This can include your job, your lovers, your friends and ultimately your life.

I see people every day who have no idea what they’re doing with their lives. They coast through school, then into university to study whatever they hated the least at school (mine was biology). They ultimately attend university or have a ‘gap year’ because they have no clue what they actually want to do with themselves. They go to university or work a shitty job and by the end of it, all they want are better hours, better pay and to eat something other than instant noodles. Their spark for life and desire to chase their dreams gets swapped for their desire for a stable paycheque and nice things. You end up working a job you either hate or tolerate, with no idea what you want to do with yourself. You fill your life with plastic trinkets, video games, Netflix and the gym with no actual goal in mind for any of it. You then fall into the consumer trap of ‘I want to own my own home’ without ever asking “why do I want any of this?”

It’s the same with love, you go to a party, get fucked up, wake up next to someone, if you like the look of them you do it with them again until you’re both like ‘yeah sure let’s make this a thing’.
You end up in a relationship based on habit and comfort instead of a union of two souls that are working towards something together – which is ultimately THE point of a relationship: To grow together in a beautiful way and create something bigger than the two of you. Let me tell you, I’ve had this and it was one of the best times in my life and it fell apart when I started focusing on my lover instead of the vision (we may delve into this one day as it’s fucking important but the topic is still a little too raw for me to discuss objectively)

We are all adrift in a bountiful and endless sea. Some of us know where we wish to end up and work towards it, while most people are content just drifting instead of figuring out where they want to go and finding a way of getting there. Yes captaining a ship is hard work – yes you have to man the sails and manage the rudder but ultimately it’s better than eventually drifting into some rocks or being eaten by a kraken (cunty girlfriend that drifts you into marriage whom eventually rapes you in divorce court for everything you ever owned). You’re the only one who can do it and figure out what you truly want.  Also, it is totally ok to have the desire to support someone else in their vision if you believe in them and their goal – but you’d better actually believe in that person and their goal otherwise it’ll ultimately end in heart ache. I am aware while there are natural leaders out there, there are also people who WANT and ENJOY fulfilling the support role and there’s nothing wrong with that but I digress.

“If we don’t discipline ourselves, the world will do it for us”
-William Feather
Don’t let habit and convenience make you into something you don’t want to be. Don’t do something that’s slowly killing you inside just because it’s easy. It’s your life and it is your right, nay responsibility to do with it what you DESIRE. If you clearly define your goal and take just one step towards it every day you will be miles ahead of everyone else in a matter of weeks – and you’ll be so much happier.

Finally remember this all too important point:  ‘Indecision is still a decision’

Also, no vague goals – something tangible – something you can visualize, something you can hold onto when it gets hard.

That’s all I’ve got today, I am out of steam. Have yourselves a great day, wish me luck at Barbercraft and I’ll make sure the next one is more punchy. If this article wasn’t up to snuff let me know via comments or email but my excuse can be found here.

Also if you haven’t already check out Captaining your own ship, the sea and Why am I doing what I’m currently doing. They’re tied to this topic.

Lastly, if you want a great audio book on the subject ‘Out Witting the Devil’ by Napoleon Hill discusses this rather beautifully.

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