Terms and Conditions

Mad Arab Industries Terms and Conditions.

  • ‘Mad Arab Industries’ is our legal business trading name –technically not yet.
  • ‘Mad Arab Industries’ is the name that will appear on cardholder statements.
  • ‘Mad Arab Industries’ is the name advised on the payment record.
  • ‘Mad Arab Industries’ is the name that will appear on your statement.
  • The legal name Mad Arab Industries’ is registered in New Zealand. – not yet

The Mad Arab Industries business and customer service details are:

Telephone number:  027 3454458
E-mail: theguy@madarabindustries.dreamhosters.com

  • Mad Arab Industries is a New Zealand owned and operated business and all transactions will be billed in a Bank of New Zealand approved currency.
  • This is not an on-going subscription. Every time a customer makes a purchase, this is counted as a separate transaction


  • Mad Arab Industries accepts bank deposit, internet banking and cash payments.
  • Mad Arab Industries will supply relevant payment information in the delivery invoice.
  • Mad Arab Industries will pursue unpaid moneys for stock dispatched if not paid by arranged date.
  • Your account will be charged in NZD$. Payment in goats, camels, rugs or other such articles are by negotiation.


  • There may be a delivery fee depending on the goods purchased; this will be agreed upon before the order is dispatched.
  • Mad Arab Industries Ltd delivers goods within 7 days unless stock needs to be made.
  • Mad Arab Industries Ltd will attempt to deliver to you within this desired delivery time, however, they cannot guarantee this during busy periods.

Refund/Replacement Policy:

  • Mad Arab Industries offers a refund/replacement policy if you are unhappy with our goods.
  • If one of your retail customer buys a bottle that has spoilt advise them to contact us for a full replacement. Replacements apply two weeks after purchase date.
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