Moustache Wax


Mad Arab Moustache Wax is a uniquely scented special blend of waxes, resins and oils to tame and twirl your moustache.

I’ve been working on crafting the perfect mowax for seven years now – and I’ve since learned that there’s no “one perfect wax”

There are perfect waxes.

I have three waxes for offer:
Soft & tacky- this is a creamier, softer wax with pine resin and cocoa butter – giving you a tackier, softer hold.

Medium & tacky- this a hybrid of the two – still tacky but with a higher beeswax content and carnauba wax to add shine and extra hold.

Hard hold – this has no pine resin, frankly it’s my favourite – the softness comes from cocoa butter with an even higher carnauba and beeswax content for a firm, sweat resistant all day hold

My moustache wax is made with all natural ingredients with no fillers, parabens or preservatives.
I prioritise selecting quality, healthy ingredients that your skin and hair will love.

Scent: My mowax smells like what’s in it! beeswax, cocoa butter and tree sap -with a touch of sandal wood – these combine well with my beard products and aftershaves -so you don’t smell like everything all at once.