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Mad Arab Moustache Wax is a uniquely scented special blend of waxes and oils to tame and twirl your moustache. Please note, we’ve move to a plastic free round 10gram tin.

Notes on the current batch: I’ve made a few tweaks to the batch in anticipation of summer. It’s a bit harder than the November batch. Still malleable but the difference is noticeable.

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Mad Arab Moustache Wax is a uniquely scented special blend of waxes and oils to tame and twirl your moustache.

Contains: beeswax, carnauba wax, hazelnut oil, jojoba oil and a special blend of essential oils and resins giving it a unique scent and an uncompromising hold.

Mad Arab Moustache wax’s scent is sweet and musky but not overpowering. It has a woody aroma with just a hint of sweetness. You’ll smell amazing, feel amazing and your moustache will find a cure for cancer! (individual results may vary)

To use, simply scrape a small dab with the back of your nail onto your finger or thumb and massage between finger tips until the wax softens and becomes tacky. Once tacky, massage and pull through your moustache until you’ve got an even coating, once this is achieved, twirl and twist your moustache into your desired style.

Please note: Mo Glue no longer comes in a plastic tube as we’re moving away from plastic packaging.

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